Clinic Dusanovic

The Clinic is founded in 2001 by Dr Aleksandar Dusanovic wishing to apply his abundant surgical and medical experience, in exquisite location and environment together with carefully chosen, experienced and professional staff and consultants, into unique and specialized aesthetic surgery center in this part of Europe.

dr Aleksandar Dušanović

Practice standards, technical equipment and interior meet the highest standards not only of Serbian but also of worldwide concessions which facilitate high quality of medical treatments, privacy, and security, so the practice is proven to be one of the best equipped medical centers in Serbia.


Aesthetic surgery is the process of beautifying your physical appearance, but also of improving your self-confidence and, by that, the quality of your life. Whether it is for reconstructive or aesthetic purposes, fighting the visible signs of ageing or restoring the self-confidence means significantly change your life for the better.

The Clinic has the most modern operating room, specialist cabinet, room for pre and post surgery treatment, first-aid station and receiving ward where a complete and comfortable treatment is given to a patient before and after surgery, thus it gives security of highest range.

The complete surgical team starting with the surgeon, top anesthesiologists, devoted assistants, professional and kind instrument technicians offers warmth, but most of all high professionalism and expertise.

Constant improvement




All about procedures in plastic, vascular and endocrine surgery is offered. To get the information needed look up in the summary the topic of your interest.

Individual care for every patient

Individual care for every patient is of great importance for a successful surgery. It starts with consultation before and ends after successful operation. High professionalism, skill and humanism together with artistic harmony and individual care for the patient make the main motto of Clinic Dusanovic.

Every doctor can practice aesthetic surgery without being a specialist of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Those are for example internists, dermatologists, otorinolaringologists even doctors who are not specialists. Only specialization of five years in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery after medical school gives you a professional title of aesthetic surgeon. Those facts should be considered before getting a final decision.

The most important fact for successful aesthetic surgery is a choice of surgeon with extraordinary systematic, medical and surgical knowledge, verified by legal specialist diploma of University Medical School of Belgrade, not by improvisory introducing on the basis of numerous courses without systematic professional education. Thus, you have to be familiar with qualifications and experience of a person you are asking for help.

Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery should be perceived seriously, therefore we recommend you to consider each fact and to receive all the answers to the questions of your interest before the final decision. The best you can do is to talk to the specialist.



Our most significant goal is happy and satisfied patients

I wish in this way to thank you for everything you've done for me ... On your expertise kindness ... I Intervention filed with ease, and the results have given me more confidence that I was missing!


Attention and care that I was to receive deserves all the praise, both professional and cordial in terms of ... intervention gave excellent results, better version of me.

Milica Kreativni direktor

No one has ever doubted that I have implants. I never had any problem.

Jovana Fotomodel